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Oscars? What Oscars?

Be like a duck.

4/21/09 01:08 pm - zoostation - for amy

His acting skills are so drool-worthy. I swear, I don't even see his face anymore. All I see is


8/13/07 07:10 pm - babyomlet

Remember teh bafta o' sex?Collapse )

11/9/05 11:14 pm - athornbird

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8/7/05 11:03 pm - babyomlet

For the love of all that is Michael Sexpot Caine.

Go here and watch Michael Caine's Extreme Pet Care Basics. Funny.

5/31/05 12:23 pm - zoostation - Despite the hair...

Cinderella Man. Baby.
Thrice nominated.
Bafta #2 for him is coming up with this new movie.

5/23/05 09:33 am - zoostation

*le love*

Mr. Orange and BAFTA. A matchmade in heaven.

5/21/05 12:07 am - athornbird

5/8/05 09:21 pm - athornbird - Teh Bettany

He would be hot BAFTA or no BAFTA, but it never hurts to make sure.

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4/27/05 11:34 pm - athornbird

Ok, I am so totally done with fiennes_daily now? WTF? Can't these heathens appreciate the hotness of Bob Hoskins? Who totally did win a BAFTA. He just never got photographed with it, because he knew most mortals would not be able to stand the sight of such unfiltered sex appeal.

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4/9/05 11:40 pm - athornbird

Sean Bean and his BAFTA o'Sex carrierCollapse )
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