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Oscars? What Oscars?

Be like a duck.

Too sexy for my BAFTA!
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It all kinda started with the Fiennes War of 2005. Read about it here.
In the midst of fighting we discovered just how sexy success was.
From there it all evolved.


1. Every post has to contain at least one picture of at least one BAFTA winner holding at least one of his BAFTAs.

2. The BAFTA absolutely has to be in the picture and recognizeable. Otherwise most people would not know, how to tell a BAFTA winner from an ostrich.

3. Consider the lj-cut. No, really, I just want you to think about it.

4. No hotlinking to one of the big BAFTA fansites. Show some appreciation for what they do for our fandom.

5. Have fun!

6. Michael Caine is the shit. No member is allowed to doubt this statement even in the slightest.

Infact every member is expected to recite 'Michael Caine is a sexpot!' five times before every meal.

7. Try not to post the same BAFTA winner all the damn time.

8. Commandment number seven loses all validity where Michael Caine or Jude Law are concerned.

9. Don't whine about people being hot despite not having won a BAFTA yet or people having been robbed of their BAFTAs for some marvelous performance here. We do not want to hear it. There are other communities for that.

10. Commandment number nine loses all validity where Joseph Fiennes is concerned.

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